About the Councillors

General Information

The Isle of Wight Council was created in 1995 as a unitary or all-purpose authority, responsible for virtually all local government activities on the Island.  It replaced the former Isle of Wight County Council and the two borough councils of Medina and South Wight.  In addition to the Isle of Wight Council there are 33 town and parish councils, which cover the whole Island.  These look after a variety of local issues such as some recreation grounds, some amenity grass cutting and many operate other facilities in their areas.

The Isle of Wight Council has 40 elected councillors. The current political make-up is detailed below:

  • 16 The Island Independents;
  • 14 IW Conservative Group;
  • 2 Labour Group;
  • 2 UKIP Group;
  • 3 Others;
  • 1 Independent;
  • 1 Liberal Democrat;
  • 1 Sandown Independent. 

To find out more about each councillor, view our Who's Who guide (PDF, 491.92KB, 1 page) or individual member pages are available by name or by region . The full Council normally meets in the months of May, June, July, September, October, November, January, February and April in the Council Chamber at County Hall, Newport.

There are also a number of other panels, boards, partnerships and groups on which councillors are represented. In addition councillors serve on numerous outside bodies, including the Hampshire Police Authority (based in Winchester) which is responsible for the policing of both Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. At the annual meeting of the Council (usually in May in each year) a number of appointments are made to various offices.

Executive Appointments

At the Council meeting on 19 March 2014 Councillor Ian Ward was elected as Chairman of the Isle of Wight Council and Councillor Charles Chapman was elected Vice Chairman.

Other members of the Executive are:

  • Leader and Executive Member for Children's Services: Cllr Jonathan Bacon.
  • Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Community Wellbeing: Cllr Stephen Stubbings.
  • Executive Member for Resources: Cllr Ian Stephens.
  • Executive Member for Planning and Licensing: Cllr Paul Fuller.
  • Executive Member for Organisational Change and Human Resources: Cllr Gordon Kendall.
  • Executive Member for Public Protection and PFI: Cllr Phil Jordan.
  • Executive Member for Economy and Tourism: Cllr Shirley Smart.
  • Executive Member for Sustainability, Environment and Public Realm: Cllr Luisa Hillard.

Other appointments are:

  • Appeals Committee - Chairman: Cllr Colin Richards.
  • Audit Committee - Chairman: Cllr Reg Barry.
  • Children's Services Select Committee - Chairman: Cllr John Howe.
  • Economy and Tourism Select Committee - Chairman: Cllr Roger Whitby-Smith.
  • Environment and Transport Select Committee - Chairman: Cllr Jonathan Gilbey.
  • Employment Committee - Chairman: Cllr Julia Baker-Smith.
  • Health and Wellbeing Board - Chairman: Ian Stephens.
  • Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Sub Committee - Chairman: Cllr Bob Blezzard.
  • IW Pension Fund Committee - Chairman: Cllr Bob Blezzard.
  • Licensing Committee - Chairman: Cllr Colin Richards.
  • Planning Committee - Chairman: Cllr Julia Baker-Smith. Vice Chairman: Cllr Bob Blezzard.
  • Property Disposal and Capital Programme Sub Committee - Chairman: Cllr Stephen Stubbings.
  • Scrutiny Committee – Chairman: Cllr Dave Stewart.