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COVID-19 relief grants

Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant (OHLG)

The government-funded OHLG scheme provides support to hospitality, leisure and accommodation businesses, in recognition that the rise of the omicron variant means that some businesses are likely to struggle. This support will take the form of a one-off grant funding scheme.

Eligible businesses must apply for this scheme and provide the required information.


Highlights of the OHLG eligibility criteria can be found below. For full details view the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant guidance.

  • Hospitality - Businesses can be defined as a business whose main function is to provide a venue for the consumption and sale of food and drink.
  • Types of business excluded from hospitality - The definition of a hospitality business should exclude: food kiosks and businesses whose main service (generating 50% or more of income) is a takeaway (not applicable to those that have adapted to offer takeaways 8 during periods of restrictions, in alignment with previous COVID-19 business grant schemes).
  • Leisure - Businesses can be defined as a business that provides opportunities, experiences and facilities, in particular for culture, recreation, entertainment, celebratory events and days and nights out.
  • Types of business excluded from leisure - For these purposes, the definition of a leisure business should exclude: all retail businesses, coach tour operators, tour operators, and gyms and sports businesses where physical exercise or training is conducted on an individual basis or group basis.
  • Accommodation - An accommodation business can be defined as a business whose main lodging provision is used for holiday, travel or other purposes
  • Types of business excluded from accommodation - For these purposes, the definition of an accommodation business should exclude: private dwellings, education accommodation, residential homes, care homes, residential family centres and beach huts.


You can complete an application below.

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Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG)

The Island has been allocated £192,469 ARG money by government to support businesses severely impacted by the rise of the omicron variant. The funding is limited and applicants will need to show evidence of the impact that the omicron variant has had on their business. The types of business targeted by the ARG are those in the supply chain or linked to the tourism, hospitality, and leisure sector, but not eligible to apply for OHLG. These could be operating from business-rated premises, from home, or in a place where they are not the ratepayer, such as shared premises. 


If you are not eligible for the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant (OHLG) then you can apply for the ARG. Before you apply for ARG you need to check you can’t apply for OHLG.

Detailed information and eligibility criteria for ARG


All ARG applications need to be submitted to us by 11:59 pm on Monday 14 February 2022. 

Decisions on the awards of ARG grant funding will only be made after the closing date. We will consider all the applications received before deciding how to allocate the limited funding available. Decisions on ARG grant awards will be made on or before Monday 28 February 2022 with all payments made by Thursday 31 March 2022. Before payment can be made, we must carry out pre-payment checks to prevent fraud. 

You can complete an application form below.

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