Fire and Rescue Service

Also known as: Community Fire Safety, Fire Legislation, Fire Safety Order, Technical Fire Safety

Service Description: The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, with a team of highly trained and well equipped staff, whether they are frontline or in a specialised support role, provide a service we can all be proud of.

We are in a period of enormous change for the Fire and Rescue Service and have already achieved a great deal in recent years in improving the services that we are providing for the communities of the Isle of Wight. We are traditionally known for offering an excellent response to emergency incidents, but we do so much more than fighting fires; a high proportion of our work involves rescuing people from road traffic collisions, dealing with chemical incidents and preparing to deal with major emergencies from widespread flooding and other large scale events.

We provide a programme of training and education for schools, road safety, safety inspections of public buildings and places of work, and our firefighters go out into the community, meeting people in their own homes to undertake home safety checks. We also ensure that, with our partners in other agencies, large events are safe for everybody involved.

It is our aim to ensure communities feel safer and we will continue to listen to your comments so that we can provide a service we can all be proud of.