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Food Labelling Regulations

The Food Information Regulations 2014 help to make food labels clear and improve nutritional and allergen information to consumers.

The Regulations apply to food businesses at all stages of the food chain, and to all food intended for the final consumer, including foods delivered by mass caterers, and food intended for supply to mass caterers.

The regulations include:

  • mandatory nutrition labelling on pre-packaged food;
  • country of origin labelling;
  • date marking (including date of first freezing);
  • clarity and legibility of food information;
  • labelling of non pre-packed foods;
  • allergen information, including on food sold loose and in restaurants, cafes etc.

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The Europa Union website provides access to Regulation 1169/2011.

The Food information Regulations 2014 Guide to Compliance produced by DEFRA.

The Food Standards Agency has produced online training and reference material.

A further source of useful information is the Reading Law Site, and provides examples of labels.

The European Commission website provides the register for the EU permitted Health and Nutrition Claims.

There is a free online training programme produced by the Food Standards Agency.