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Question: How do I apply for a zoo licence?

Answer: The licensing of zoos is a specialist field and the regulations are complex. If you are thinking of setting up a zoo, you should contact a specialist officer first for advice and guidance on 01983 823152.

Alternatively you may complete an application form online via the related link, and will then be contacted by an officer. - Related Link

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Question: How long will my licence last?

Answer: Licences can be issued for a period of either one, two or three years depending on the risk rating and level of compliance. This also corresponds with the Star Rating for the establishment.

Licences for the keeping or training of animals are issued for three years.

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Question: What licensing activities require a licence?

Answer: A licence is required for;
- selling animals as pets,
- providing or arranging for the provision of boarding for cats or dogs (including in kennels, home boarding for dogs or day care for dogs)
- hiring out horses
- breeding dogs
- keeping or training animals for exhibition - Related Link

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