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Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Dealers

Dealing in scrap metal or the running of a scrap metal business (including motor salvage operators) is controlled by the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

No person may carry on the business as a scrap metal dealer unless they are licensed to do so by their Local Authority. Since October 2013 cash cannot be used by a scrap metal dealer to buy scrap metal. It is an offence and there are no exemptions.

A scrap metal dealer’s licence lasts for 3 years and must be renewed on or before the expiry date if the licence holder wishes to carry on as a scrap metal dealer.

There are two types of licence:

  • Site licence – for carrying on business at any site in the council’s area, which will be specified in the licence.
  • Collector’s licence – for carrying on business as a mobile collector.

Apply for a Licence

The completed application form (PDF 175kb, 6 pages), relevant documents and fee need to be submitted to the Licensing Department.


  • The fee for a site licence is £325.00.
  • The fee for a collector’s licence is £195.00.

For further information contact the Licensing Department by phone or email using the details in the 'Contact' tab.