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When people attend events it is often to socialise. This can lead to attendees engaging in more risky behaviours. They might also take less notice of relevant Government guidance that may be in place at the time. Types of behaviour is foreseeable and should be anticipated by event organisers. With this in mind it is strongly advisable for event organisers to consider putting control measures in place to reduce risks. By doing so the organiser will help to prevent any further spikes in the virus from taking place.

For information on how to organise and manage an event view our COVID-19 Secure Event guidance

Event organisers must have in place a detailed COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Event Management Plan. The risk assessment will include information about the proposed activities and the measures that will be in place to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Please review and complete the Risk Assessment Checklist  before submission.

Please also refer to the latest Government guidance on Organising Outdoor Events.

Additional guidance

Event Industry Forum guidance on outdoor events: Keeping workers and audiences safe during COVID-19 (England)

The Association of Event Organisers have published a list of measures. These can be used in conjunction with event risk assessments. From small scale events with minimum requirements to those which are more complex.  Download or print off: Key-measures

Risk assessment templates suitable for smaller events are available at: Risk-Assessment- Managing-the-risk-of-Coronavirus

Risk assessment templates suitable for larger, more complex are available at: Draft Risk Assessment Template for Covid-19