Licensing - Major Events

Isle of Wight Music Festival

For all major events on the Island the promoters/ organisers will need to ensure they have obtained the correct licenses from the council's Licensing department - you can contact the team on the contact tab.

The iconic Isle of Wight Festival is the UK’s first major music festival of the summer and has become a must-go event on the music lover’s calendar. Taking place at Seaclose Park just outside of Newport, this legendary festival brings together all the biggest names in music for one weekend.

To go to the Official Isle of Wight Festival website please click here.

Please click here to find out further information on:

  • plans in place to manage the effect of the festival on the local community;
  • the festival traffic plan;
  • camping safety tips;
  • the festival premises license and
  • changes to council services during the festival;

Complaints Line

Throughout the event the Council have a Complaints Line which will be available in order for issues relating to the event to be reported and looked into. The phone line will be available between Thursday 13 June (8am) and Monday 17 June (8am). The contact number will be (01983) 823426.

If you require further clarification please do not hesitate to contact the Licensing Department by phone or email using the details in the 'Contact' tab above.