Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment


Review of Premises Licences/Club Premises Certificates

At any time following the grant of a licence, a responsible authority or other person may make an application to the Licensing Authority for the review of a premises licence or club premises certificate because of a matter arising at the premises in connection with any of the four licensing objectives, which are:    

  • The prevention of crime and disorder.        
  • Public safety.    
  • The protection of children from harm.        
  • The prevention of public nuisance.

In every case, the application must relate to particular premises for which a licence or certificate is in force and must be relevant to the promotion of the licensing objectives.

Any applicant for the review of a premises licence or club premises certificate must fully complete the prescribed application form and submit it to the Licensing Authority. 

On the same day as the application is served on the Licensing Authority, the applicant must send copies of the application to all of the responsible authorities and the holder of the licence or certificate.

See the link for a copy of the application form  or apply online.

The Licensing Authority will decide whether the application is ‘relevant’, i.e. that it relates to one or more of the licensing objectives, and if relevant, will arrange for the display of relevant notices on or near the premises, at the offices of the Council and on the Council’s website.

The application will be determined at a hearing of the Regulatory Committee.

For further clarification contact the Licensing Department by phone or email using the details in the 'Contact' tab above.