Licensing - Alcohol and Entertainment

Temporary Events Notices (TEN)

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) authorises the sale or supply of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment or the provision of late night refreshment at premises which are not already authorised by a premises licence or club premises certificate.

A TEN is suitable for all events including outdoor events where licensable activities are required for a short duration or one-off event.

The following limits apply:        

  • No more than 499 people will be attending the event.    
  • The event must last no longer than 168 hours.       
  • The event must not be within 24 hours of another event at the same premises.     
  • There cannot be more than 15 TENs on the same premises in a calendar year.
  • The 15 TENs can not exceed 21 days in duration.

A Temporary Event Notice must be given in writing to the Licensing Department, the Environmental Health Department and the Police. If submitting online, the notice will be circulated by the Licensing Department. There are two types of Temporary Event Notices:

‘Standard’ The person giving the TEN must normally serve the notice within a minimum of 10 CLEAR working days, this being ten working days exclusive of the day on which the event is to start, and exclusive of the day on which the notice is given.

‘Late’ If less than 10 working days’ notice, but more than 5 working days’ notice is given, it will be treated as a Late TEN.

The number of Temporary Event Notices that can be submitted by a personal licence holder is limited to 50 (of which 10 can be ‘late’ notices). For any other person, the number is limited to 5 (of which 2 can be ‘late’ notices). Any received after that period will not be valid and any licensable activities carried on will not be authorised.

To assist applicants and to provide general advice, including the procedure for submitting notices, a Guidance Booklet has been produced which can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF, 2.17MB, 18 pages).

Application Process


A fee of £21.00 must be paid at the time an application is made. Payment of the fee is built into the TENS form and is part of the online application process.

Public Register

The council maintains public registers for all licences which have been granted. A summary of the public register licences, consents, permits and registrations can be viewed on the council's website by clicking here .

Further information

If you require further clarification please do not hesitate to contact the Licensing Department by clicking this link to use the send a message to service form.