Licensing Taxis

Private Hire Operator's Licence

A private hire operator's licence is required to enable an operator to invite or accept bookings for private hire vehicles.

A licensed operator can employ or sub-contract an unlimited number of licensed vehicles.  However, a licensed private hire driver cannot accept any bookings unless he/she is, or works for, a licensed private hire operator.

An operator may pass a booking to another licensed private hire vehicle operator provided that the operator is also licensed by the council. 

Before an operator’s licence is granted the applicant must satisfy the council that the address from which they intend to operate is suitable and, where applicable, satisfy any conditions that may be attached to the licence.

Planning Permission may be required to permit them to operate from certain premises.

The Private Hire Operator Conditions can be viewed here (PDF, 141KB, 2 pages).

Application Process

  • To apply for a Private Hire Operator's Licence please click here.


A fee must be paid at the time an application is made for a license. The fees cover the cost of administration process and enforcement activity and they can be viewed by clicking here. (PDF, 72KB, 1 page) .

Public Register

The public register of existing licences/consents/permits/registrations can be viewed on the by clicking here.

Further information

Best Practice Guidance has been issued by the Department for Transport on the GOV.UK website, please click here to visit the website.

If you require further clarification please do not hesitate to contact the Licensing Department by clicking this link to use the send a message to service form.