Trading Standards - Agriculture and Animals

Also known as: Animal Health and Welfare

Service Description: The Trading Standards Service is responsible for the enforcement of certain pieces of agricultural, animal feed (including pet food) and fertilizer legislation. This legislation relates to the production, manufacture, use, storage, import, export, marketing and retail of primary produce, feed and fertilizers and exists to protect the public and animal health by ensuring the traceability of food and feed and by introducing controls to minimise the likelihood of any food or feed hazard, local or otherwise.

The legislation also requires that businesses with such interests Register, free of charge, with the Trading Standards Service.

The Trading Standards Service offers industry and public advice regarding the legislation, legislative controls and the practical implications of such in addition to facilitating registration.

We are also responsible for the enforcement of Animal Health legislation with a view to reducing disease risks to both animal and human health.

We can advise on record keeping requirements for livestock movements, births and deaths, livestock identification, animal transport, bio security, disposal of animal by-products (including animal carcases), animal health and disease control measures.

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