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Summer Safety Campaign 2017

Buy Wise Be Safe Launches Summer Safety Campaign

With summer here we will be spending more time outdoors with our little ones enjoying the (hopefully) sunny weather.  Buy Wise Be Safe (BWBS) recognises the importance of outdoor activity and on 31st July is launching a week long summer safety campaign to encourage parents and carers to take a few simple steps that can help keep their children safe.

We will be offering advice on:

  • Sun safety, including choosing the right sunscreen and how to avoid sunburn;
  • Outdoor equipment, from trampolines and swings to scooters and trikes;
  • Water safety both at the beach and inland;
  • BBQs, Fire Pits etc and how to avoid burns; and finally
  • Staying safe in the garden.

Stuart Radnedge, spokesman for Buy Wise Be Safe, said: “Summer can be a fantastic time to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.  However it is important that we remain mindful of the risks for injury or illness that may be present.  Following our top safety tips can help ensure your little one’s adventures are safe and enjoyable this summer!”

Advice will be offered via the website and also keep an eye on our Facebook page:  and Twitter feed  for regular updates.

All products sold to consumers must be safe

Some products such as toys, electrical goods, cosmetics and furniture have very detailed safety rules that must be followed by manufacturers, importers and retailers. Even products used by consumers in hotel rooms are covered.

We inspect, sample and test consumer products such as toys, children's clothes etc. to check for any hazards and assess risks. This helps to make sure only safe products are sold. Second hand goods are inspected using the same procedures as new goods and should also be safe for consumers.

When a safety issues occurs a product recall notice may be issued for the return to the supplier of a batch or an entire production run of the goods.

Responsible manufacturers and distributors publish details in the national press and retailers in their own stores. Use the associated links to find out details of recent product recalls in the UK and what issues come up in Europe and internationally.

If you or a child has been injured by a product then please report the incident to us. Obviously do not continue to use the product and where possible please retain it and any associated packaging, instructions for use etc. as they may be required for examining/testing by Trading Standards.

General Product Safety Regulations

Regulation 9 (Producer/Distributor) notifications

This is an obligation on producers and distributors to notify Local Authorities when they become aware that a product they have placed on the market is unsafe, and it is likely that initially many producers and distributors will be unaware of this obligation.

Click here  to view a current list of Product Recalls, this list is provided on the Trading standards Institute website.

Business Advice – Product Safety Guidance

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Blind Cord Safety – Fact Sheet for Businesses (PDF, 14.79KB, 2 pages).

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