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Question: What role does the Communications and Public Relations Department have with the Island's press?

Answer: The Department has a twin role with the media. Firstly we identify items of council news that people need to know about, such as new services, new legislation, forthcoming events and opportunities for the public to comment on new schemes, and make the local media aware of them through press releases. Our second role is to assist the media in reporting on council events by helping them find answers to questions and helping them check facts.

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Question: Do you organise the Island’s publicity for tourism purposes?

Answer: No. Because of the specialist nature of tourism marketing, the Isle of Wight has a 'destination management organisation' responsible for promoting the Island as a tourist destination. This organisation is called 'Visit Wight'.

For further information on tourism for the Isle of Wight, contact Visit Wight on 01983 813813 - Related Link

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Question: What is One Island?

Answer: One Island was the council’s magazine for the residents of the Isle of Wight. It was distributed four times a year. Production of the magazine stopped in March 2013, but you can see all previous editions on the website.

The purpose of One Island was to give people regular insights into council news, schemes and services.

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Question: How does the council communicate with people?

Answer: The council communicates with people all the time, through letters, its website, public meetings, through leaflets and publications, social media, and also through events where people have a chance to see the range of services provided by the council, ask questions and find out more.

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Question: I am a journalist and have an enquiry about the council. Who do I contact?

Answer: You should get in touch with the Media Relations team on 01983 823793 or by email to

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Question: Do I need permission to film on the Island?

Answer: The council welcomes any production firm or film company that wishes to film here. We do require that you let us know your schedule and also locations as not all public land on the Island is owned by the local authority. Should you wish to film in areas not owned by the council, for instance The Needles, then we will advise you who you should contact.

One requirement is that we will need a copy of your public liability insurance. For further information contact the Media Office on 01983 823793 or email

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Question: Does the council use social media?

Answer: Yes, the council runs official pages on Facebook and Twitter. These pages are used to provide updates to the public on council services. The council also runs an official YouTube channel where videos relating to the council and its work can be found.

To find us on Facebook, go to .

To find us on Twitter, go to

To find us on YouTube, go to

Other council services run their own pages. To view a full list, go to

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