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Consultation - Newport Parish Council Name Change


The Isle of Wight Council has received a request from Newport Parish Council to change its name to “Newport and Carisbrooke Parish Council”.

Before the Isle of Wight Council make this change, we would like to know whether or not residents have any opinions on the matter, regardless of whether or not you support the proposed change of name.

If implemented, the change of name would have no other effect on any other aspect of the running of Newport Parish Council; all existing wards will remain as they are, and there will be no effect upon elected members.

If you have any comments on the proposed change of name to “Newport and Carisbrooke Parish Council”, or if you wish to indicate your support or objection to the proposal, you can do so if one of the following ways:


Consultation opens:  Monday 23 July

Consultation closes: Monday 6 August, at midnight.