Electoral Registration

Polling Districts and Places Review

Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places within the Constituency of the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight Council is carrying out a review of the Parliamentary Constituency Polling Districts and Polling Places within the local authority area.

The Council is currently conducting this review, and would be glad to receive any comments on the matter. Whilst the relevant legislation only requires us to examine Parliamentary Polling Districts and Polling Places, in practise these are the same for local authority elections, and the Council would also welcome any comments on the physical locations of the Polling Stations themselves.

Please click here to view the Official Notice of the review. (PDF. 1 page, 68Kb)

Please click here to view the current scheme of Polling Places and Districts and the Returning Officers Representations. (PDF, 3 pages, 104Kb)

This review can only consider Polling Districts and Places; the names and boundaries of electoral areas, such as parish council boundaries & wards, and Isle of Wight Council electoral divisions, are not included in the scope of the review.

The Results of the review and the report that is due to be considered at the September 2019 meeting of the Isle of Wight Council will be available on this page in early September.

Any representations should be addressed to:  The Electoral Services Manager, Isle of Wight Council, County Hall, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 1UD. Representations may be delivered by e-mail to electoral.services@iow.gov.uk  The Acting Returning Officer’s representations will be made available on www.iow.gov.uk

All representations should be made by 16th August 2019, and any amendments to the Polling Districts and Polling Places within the Constituency of the Isle of Wight will take effect from 1st December 2019.