Electoral Registration

Postal Votes

Registered Electors can choose to vote at any election (Local or Parliamentary) by post. You can request a postal vote for a specific election, for a set time period, or to run indefinitely.

You can Vote by Post

Anyone who is on the published Register of Electors or who has applied to be added as part of the monthly update process can apply for a postal vote.

How to apply for a Postal Vote.

Each person requiring a postal vote must fill in a form.

Download the Postal Vote application Form, complete it and return it to the Electoral Services Department using the address in the ‘Contact Information’ tab.

If you need large print, please download our large Print version of the Postal Vote application Form.

Please note: If an election is being held then we must receive your completed postal application form by 5:00pm on the eleventh working day before the election.