Armed Forces Community Covenant

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Question: What is the Isle of Wight Armed Forces Community Covenant.

Answer: The covenant is a pledge signed up to by the armed forces and the local community on the Isle of Wight. It aims to develop a better understanding between the civilian and armed forces community, and to tackle any disadvantages arising from service. - Related Link

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Question: How do I apply for grant funding under the Community Covenant Grant scheme and what can I use grant funding for?

Answer: Our local community covenant makes Island groups eligible to apply for funding from the Ministry of Defence’s national community covenant grant fund scheme. The Government provides an online application process. Details of the fund scheme and the deadline dates for completion of applications can be found online at . - Related Link

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Question: What is the Civil Military Partnership?

Answer: The Civil Military Partnership brings together the armed forces at national and local level, with civil society on the island. Its membership includes the council, local groups and community organisations and public bodies such as the NHS and town and parish council representatives. It is a forum where issues of mutual interest can be shared and resolved, as well as recognising and taking opportunities to improve life on the island. Its members work together on education, heritage, employment and other issues of mutual interest. It is also the lead body for ensuring that the Armed Forces Community Covenant is being delivered and sustained here on the island. - Related Link

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