Beaulieu House Residential and Respite Resource

Beaulieu House Residential Services

Beaulieu house is local authority children’s residential service for children and young people with varying complexity of needs such as Autism, Severe Learning difficulties, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and behaviours which challenge society. Beaulieu House is a purpose built and designed service which is accessible to all children and young people who may or may not require assisted aids such as a wheelchair,

Based within the community Beaulieu House residential service supports up to six children and young people to maximise their life chances and choices in a safe and positive environment.  Each child/young person has as part of their individual plan of care identified outcomes/goals.  outcomes are realistic and achievable and when completed no matter how small are celebrated, with another goal determined by child/ young person.

Beaulieu House is able to offer the following service(s):

  • Residential support providing six single bedrooms delivering bespoke packages of 24/7 support to children and young people with varying complexity of needs. This may be shared care support with family or full residential support.

All children and young people accessing services from Beaulieu House will have a Social Worker and be statemented as having additional needs, a referral will be to be made via panel with Beaulieu House staff undertaking an impact assessment. If criteria is met and agreed a transition into Beaulieu House carried out.

We have a Statement of Purpose which explains the objectives and the aims of the home.  For further information.

To enquire about Beaulieu residential services, please get in touch by using our online 'Send a message to this service' .