Child Employment

Apply for a Child Employment Permit

How to apply for a Child Employment Permit

Anyone wishing to employ a young person for either paid or unpaid work must obtain a permit from the Local Authority. The Local Authority will need to be satisfied that the employment of a young person is not likely to harm their health, safety or welfare and they are able to work in safe conditions.

The employer must complete the application form but the child and their parent/guardian must also sign it.

  1.  View and download the application form. (PDF, 136 KB, 4 pages).

  2. Complete the application form, obtaining parent/guardian and young person's signature.  

  3. Complete and submit a risk assessment for approval by a Local Authority officer, to include specific identification of hazards relating directly to Covid-19 as a result of conducting their business.  When completing this risk assessment you should consider the possible lack of awareness of risks, immaturity and inexperience of the young person.  Please see further information about risk assessments on our webpage Covid-19 and child employment

  4. Post or email the application form and risk assessment to us at the address detailed on the form.

Every application we receive is checked to ensure the proposed employer is aware of regulations; his /her legal responsibility towards the young person; has completed risk assessments to ensure the safety of the environment in which the young person intends to work.  We also check with the young person’s school attendance and whether or not the employment may impact on his/her education.

For a young person, getting a job and earning money is an exciting first step into the adult world and we, as a local authority aim to support and safeguard them as they take this step.

Once processed, the Local Authority will issue the employer with the work permit, which is valid for 12 months from the issue date. If there are any changes to a young person’s role or hours or employment ceases, this should be notified to the Local Authority immediately.  If employment is to continue beyond 12 months then the employer must submit a new application form.