Domestic Abuse

Campaigns and Events

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Current Campaigns

EURO 2020 (Being held 2021)

Date: 11 June to 11 July 2021

Event details: To engage and work alongside Inclusion. To reach out to a variety of different people highlighting the different types of abuse and the support available locally.

Elder Abuse Day

Date:15 June 2021

Event details: To highlight the issue and signs and encourage people to ask questions.

Past Campaigns

16 DAYS OF ACTION “ Our community against domestic violence”

Date: 25 November to 10 December 2020

Campaign Details: A robust campaign which focused on different themes and types of support for everyone . “Our Community against domestic violence”.  It had an inclusive aim which was to educate and inform employers and the community about domestic abuse and sexual violence. It provided information on how to support family, friends, employees and/or community members.

Impact of domestic abuse on children

Date:1 October to 31October 2020

Campaign details: With many children returning from an extended break. There is potential for an increase in self-referrals following lockdown. This campaign promoted the support available. It also highlighted the impact that domestic violence has on children.

Elder Abuse Day

Date: 15 June 2020

Campaign details: Before the World Elder Awareness Day on Monday 15 June 2020. We raised awareness about older adult victims of abuse. Who are also at significant risk during the pandemic.

Safety measures put in place to protect elderly from the virus may have placed them at a greater risk. They they are less likely to report it. Isolation, communication and the complex care needs of both the victim and perpetrator. These are some of the factors that prevent this being reported as well as a fear of upsetting family dynamics.

The campaign ran throughout July 2020. Promoting services on the Island. To support the elderly and vulnerable communities who may be experiencing domestic abuse. It included a series of weekly press releases and posters.

Isle of Wight Domestic Abuse Forum Conference

Date and place: 9 January 2020, Riverside Centre, Newport

Someone disclosing domestic abuse in a small island community can add more pressure to an already difficult situation. Close knit communities like the Isle of Wight can provide levels of support that cities often cannot. Thus both a challenge and an opportunity.

This conference explored these opportunities. It also looked at some of the key issues surrounding Domestic Violence and Abuse, both locally and nationally. We were fortunate to have key speakers at the conference. 

These included:

  • Dr Hannah Bows, discussing Elder Abuse, 
  • Helen Bonnick, talked about the growing issue of adolescent to parent violence 
  • Dr Jane Monckton-Smith, who walked us through the stages of homicide and how we can intervene and prevent this at each stage.