Domestic Abuse

Campaigns and Events

16 Days of Action pledge poster


Past Campaigns

Isle of Wight Domestic Abuse Forum Conference – 9 January 2020, Riverside Centre, Newport

Someone disclosing domestic abuse in a small island community can add even more pressure to an already difficult situation. Close knit communities like the Isle of Wight can provide levels of support that cities often cannot and are therefore both a challenge and an opportunity.

This conference explored these opportunities and looked at some of the key issues surrounding Domestic Violence and Abuse, both locally and nationally.

The main learning objectives for the conference were:  

  • To consider the impact of domestic abuse on a national and local level.
  • To review the domestic abuse services available on the Isle of Wight and what else we need to do
  • To explore strengthening frontline responses through increased training
  • To raise awareness of key issues such as elder abuse, child to parent violence and peer on peer sexual violence.
  • To gain an understanding of domestic homicide and the timeline a perpetrator follows and how we can intervene at each stage.
  • To listen to children’s views on domestic abuse and the impact it has on the wider family.

We were incredibly fortunate to have key speakers at the conference including Dr Hannah Bows discussing Elder Abuse, Helen Bonnick talked about the growing issue of adolescent to parent violence and Dr Jane Monckton-Smith who walked us through the stages of homicide and how we can intervene and prevent this at each stage.

16 Days of Action against domestic violence-  16th January - 31st  January 2020 

Was aimed at businesses that lacked an infrastructure to deal with the large scale problem that is domestic violence.

As it stands, companies can do more to aid their employees who endure domestic violence, train those who witness it and to protect staff as a whole with the goal of securing safety and mitigating financial loss.

16 Days of Action Pledge

  “We will treat people within our organisation with respect and dignity. We will do everything we can to prevent stalking, violence or abuse either in the workplace or that which has an effect on people in the workplace, whether from a colleague, family member or anyone else. This will include having guidance in place which is suitable to the size of our organisation. The guidance will ensure that an appropriate, safe and sensitive response can be implemented and our employees supported when they raise such an issue.”

Future Campaigns for 2020

These will be advertised in due course


EURO 2020 – 12th June to 12th July 2020 – Postponed until  2021

To be diverse and reach out to a variety of different people highlighting the different types of abuse and the support available on the Island.


Elder abuse day – 15th June 2020

To encourage those experiencing DA to get support and to highlight the issue and make others more effective at spotting the signs and asking questions.


PRIDE – 18th July 2020

To make a message banner and take part in the parade which all partners have contributed to with individual messages about Domestic Violence.


September 2020 and January 2021

Increase in self-referrals at this time of year following main school holidays, campaign to promote support available during these peak periods.


16 Days of Action – 25th November to 10th December 2020

inc White Ribbon Day 25th November 2020

“Our Community against domestic violence” – its inclusive aim is to educate and inform the community about domestic abuse and sexual violence and how to support family, friends and/or community members.

A robust campaign which will focus on different themes and types of support for everyone.