Empty Properties

Frequently Asked Questions for this Service

Question: What can the council do about empty properties?

Answer: We can ascertain why a property has become empty and work with the owner to get it back into use.

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Question: If the council help me, will I have to house one of their tenants?

Answer: The council does not own or manage any housing stock. You can use an approved Letting Agent of your choice to reoccupy the property. If you would like information about Letting Agents who may be able to help in your circumstance please contact our Empty Property Officer; Will Taylor on 01983 823040. Our intention is to help you get the property back into use for the benefit of the Island.

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Question: What is classed as an empty property?

Answer: An empty property* is one which has no one living there. Please note: An empty property is not classed as empty if there is a For Sale sign outside the property or is is waiting to be let.

*This definition is for housing purposes. For clarification with regard to Council Tax please contact them directly.

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Question: Are there any Empty Property grants available?

Answer: Yes. For financial year 2016/17 the empty properties team have a discretionary grant available. For more information or to see if you qualify contact the Empty Property team.

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