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Enforcement Service

Frequently Asked Questions for this Service

Question: What regulations do you work under?

Answer: The Tribunal Court and Enforcement (TCE) Act 2007 Part 3 Schedule 12
The Taking Control of Goods (TCG) Regulations 2013, no 1894
The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014, SI 2014 No 1
The Taking Control of Goods (Certification) Regulations 2014, SI 2014:421

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Question: What is an Enforcement Agent?

Answer: An Enforcement Agent was previously known as a Certificated Bailiff. The Enforcement Agent is certificated by the County Court.

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Question: What if I can’t pay?

Answer: Contact the Collection & Enforcement team by telephoning 01983 823822 to speak with an advisor to discuss payment, please have your case ID number handy. A payment arrangement may be considered, which will be determined by our guidelines.

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Question: If this is not my debt, what should I do?

Answer: If you have received a letter or notice from Isle of Wight Enforcement Services, but the person named on the letter has no connection or relationship to you, please let us know either by emailing, telephone 01983 823822, or writing to us at C & E Services, PO Box 246, Newport, PO30 9FY. If you are disputing liability, it is important you do not delay contacting us as failure to do so may result in further enforcement action, and additional charges.

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Question: My goods or vehicle have been removed, but I am not the debtor?

Answer: If your goods have been removed but you are not the person who owes the debt you will need to make a claim.

To enable the Collection and Enforcement Service to investigate your claim fully, please email with your case id number. You will be required to provide the following within 7 days of the goods being taken into control:

Your full name, address, contact telephone number, valid email address and proof of id (passport or driving licence).
A description of the goods which you are making the claim against, as well as the grounds upon which your claim is based.

If your claim relates to a vehicle, we require the following to support your claim:
A copy of the V5 Log Book issued by the DVLA.
A copy of a valid Insurance Certificate for the vehicle, which must be purchased on the date of purchase. In the absence of a valid insurance certificate a DVLA SORN confirmation is required.
If you are in possession of motor traders insurance, the MID list showing the vehicle was added to the policy, must also be provided
Evidence of the Road Fund Licence which must be obtained on the date of purchase.
A valid receipt for the purchase.
Evidence of the flow of money used for the purchase of the vehicle, for example a bank statement.
Evidence of how the vehicle was obtained, for example a copy of the advertisement.

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Question: Who are the Collection and Enforcement Service?

Answer: Collection and Enforcement Services is a department of the Isle of Wight Council charged with recovering debts owed to the Council. The council will have tried to recover the outstanding monies prior to the issue of a Liability Order or Warrant of Control through the court system. As payment has not been made we have now been instructed to enforce collection of the debt according to The Taking Control of Goods regulations that were brought into force on 6 April 2014.

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