Why foster with us

The Isle of Wight Council's fostering team offers a professional, local and friendly service to carers. Our aim is to provide children in care with the best opportunity to stay on the island as they grow up and support them through the transition of living with another family and adapting to the change this presents.
In order for children in care to thrive, we provide children and their carers with as much support as possible. We organise regular visits to the family home, parenting strategies and work with educational and health practitioners where necessary.

Fostering with the Isle of Wight Council gives you:

  • A rewarding role – Your patience, effort and guidance can literally transform a child’s life. You can also make sure that at least one other child in care on the island continues to remain in their community. Continuing their education at school, contact with their family and seeing their friends in their familiar surroundings is vital to minimising disruption to their lives which they will have already endured.

  • Comprehensive training – Our professional training and development programme ensures that you are equipped with a clear understanding of your role and the best way to support children in care. See our foster carer training page for more information.

  • Regular placement – Our priority is to place island children with our local carers.

  • Competitive Allowances - We invest in our foster carers and provide both a weekly competitive allowance and an additional celebration allowance to help with holidays and special occasions. See our allowances page for more information.

  • Support and Guidance - A key priority for us is supporting you. Our current foster carers tell us that they value their supervision, support and training that we provide for them. See our foster carers support page


Transferring from an independent fostering agency (IFA) or a different local authority

Are you already a foster carer with an independent fostering agency (IFA) or a different local authority? Then why not consider transferring to the Isle of Wight Council. We can organise your transfer:

  • One of our experienced social workers will visit you at your home to explain the process.
  • We will use your last Form F assessment and complete an ‘update’ describing your fostering experiences to date.
  • If you already have a child in placement with you, we would hold a meeting to ensure that the placement is not affected.
  • Our allowance and fee framework is competitive with other providers.


Next steps

Get in touch with us today to find out more about joining the Isle of Wight Councils Fostering service by completing our online initial enquiry form.

Access our Fostering Service booklet (PDF, 12 pages, 2MB)