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Activities at Newport Roman Villa

The Roman Kitchen at Newport Roman Villa

Our third century Roman villa has some of the best preserved domestic bathrooms in Britain. We can create a tailor made visit to suit the needs of your group from EYFS to A-levels and beyond. We are open to groups during term time all year round.

A visit could include:    

  • Villa tour (approx. 30 mins) Museum staff will help your group to explore the bathrooms and learn about life in a Romano-British villa.

  • Photo-hunt challenge (approx. 30 mins) This allows groups to work in pairs to have a better look at the villa remains, handle replica artefacts and hunt for items pointed out in the tour.

  • Activity room workshop (approx. 60 mins) We will introduce the activities and be on hand to give support and answer any questions.

 The Activity Room can accommodate up to 30 people. Activities available to all include:

  • What did the villa owners wear? Museum staff will give a short introduction about clothing, demonstrating how to use the mini looms. Groups can then try on replica Roman clothing and have a go at weaving.

  • Kitchen archaeology What did the villa owners eat? All will be revealed by looking at original archaeological material found at the villa.

  • Be an archaeologist Try being an archaeologist and reconstruct a replica Roman pot.

  • What's cooking? The room includes a reconstructed kitchen, with a raised hearth and replica food and cooking equipment. Grind corn outside (weather dependent) and create imaginative meals with our large variety of replica Roman foods.

  • Mosaic making Design the missing middle panel of our changing room mosaic using inspiration from pictures of designs found in other British villas.

  • Roman Engineering Learn how the Roman’s built their arches or try and build the tallest tower.

Bookings and Fees

To book any of these activities please contact us using the details found in the contact tab above.

A two hour workshop with a tour costs £3.50 per student.

For an additional £1 per pupil we can deliver the following additional activities:

  • Try on replica Roman Legionary/Celtic Warrior armour and learn about the legions.

  • Create a tile using replica Samian moulds

  • Write in Latin using replica wax tablets and ink pens, just like they had at Vindolanda.

  • Learn and play Roman board games.


Free planning visits: Teachers are encouraged to make a planning visit so that we can perfectly match your needs. If you wish to arrange a planning visit please contact us using our online send a message to service form.