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Housing Benefit

Forms, Documents and Privacy Notice

Below, are links to various forms, documents and guidance information that you may need for your claim for Housing Benefit and/or Local Council Tax Support to be assessed. 

All forms which are a PDF document can be viewed, downloaded and completed by hand.  Once complete, please return these forms to one of the help centres. Any online forms can be completed and submitted via the website and these will be sent through directly to the relevant department.

Application forms

 Form Description
Housing Benefit/ Local Council Tax Support form  For customers wishing to make a new online application form for claims for Housing Benefit and/or Local Council Tax Support where they are not previously entitled
Change of Address form  For claimants in receipt of Housing Benefit/Local Council Tax Support who are moving and wish to claim Housing Benefit at their new address.   Please note that if you were not previously entitled to Housing Benefit and you are liable to pay rent at your new address, you will need to complete a new online application form
Change in Circumstance/Review form

This online application form is for claimants in receipt of Housing Benefit and/or Local Council Tax Support and you or anyone in your household has had a change in their circumstances.  Please note, if you were not previously entitled to Local Council Tax Support but think that your recent change may now mean that you are entitled, you will also need to complete the 'Local Council Tax Support short form' below

This form is also for claimants who are required to complete a review.

Local Council Tax Support short form This application form is for customers who are already in receipt of Housing Benefit but would like to make a new claim for Local Council Tax Support.  Please note, if you were not previously entitled to Local Council Tax Support but think that your recent change may now mean that you are entitled, you will also need to complete this form.

Other forms 

 Form Description
Self Employed form  An online form for claimants in receipt of Housing Benefit/Local Council Tax Support to declare their income and expenditure from their self employed income
Certificate of Earnings form (PDF, 106KB, 1 pages) This form is for the employer to complete to confirm their employees earnings, where the claimant does not receive wage slips. This must not be completed by the claimant
Child Care Costs form (PDF, 248KB, 2 pages) This form is for claimants who pay for child care costs and should be given to the childcare provider to complete to confirm the amount of child care costs
LA1/Second property form(PDF, 477KB, 6 pages) Claimants who own any other property, land or asset other than the property they live in, will need to supply additional information using this form, to enable a valuation of the asset by the Valuation Agency
Proof of Nil Income form Claimants who do not have any income or earnings must declare this by completing and returning the online Proof of Nil Income form and supply information on how they are supporting themselves
Direct Payment of Housing Benefit to Landlord This online form allows claimants who are private tenants to request payments to be made direct to the landlord, under exceptional circumstances.
Overpayment recovery reduction from housing benefit request Where an overpayment of Housing Benefit occurs, this is recovered weekly from ongoing Housing Benefit entitlement. This online form is to request us to consider reducing the rate of recovery based on the claimant's income and expenditure  
Overpayment recovery reductions from instalments request If you have been overpaid Housing Benefit, you will be asked to repay this. This online form is for customers who are no longer receiving Housing Benefit and wish to request a reduction to the rate of instalments based on the claimant's income and expenditure

Guidance information 

 A guide for Students (PDF, 176KB, 4 pages)
 Help with rent and council tax for Pensioners (PDF, 222KB, 8 pages)
 What to do it you think the decision about your benefit is wrong (PDF, 213KB, 8 pages)

Privacy Notice

Revenues & benefits, blude badge & parking administration

The Isle of Wight Council is committed to keeping your personal information safe and processing it in accordance with our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.  We will keep your information accurate and up to date and we will not keep your information longer than necessary.

The Isle of Wight Council is the data controller for all personal information that it processes. The council’s Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email or in writing to Data Protection Officer, County Hall, High Street, Newport, IW PO30 1UD.

This privacy notice explains how Revenues & Benefits, Blue Badge & Parking Administration use your personal information and the ways in which we protect your privacy. This notice applies to all personal data collected for or on behalf of the Council.

Purpose of processing and legal basis for processing your personal information

  • for the billing, collection and enforcement of local taxation ( Council Tax and Business Rates).
  • to administer the Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support Scheme payable to people on a low income.
  • to administer the Business Improvement District Levy (BIDS).
  • to administer Blue Badge applications.
  • to administer Parking Permits and Penalty Charge Notices.


How we use your information

To enable the Isle of Wight Council to carry out its legal obligations or comply with a statutory function it is necessary for us to collect personal information from you.  This includes contact details, financial information, and employment data.

Who we share your information with

Those that we may share your information with include the following, depending on which service you are in contact with.

Isle of Wight Council Services

Council Tax

Housing Benefit & Local Council Tax Support  

Business Rates  

Blue Badge

Legal Services

Electoral Registration

Adult Services

Shared Lives

Leaving Care Team


Customer Accounts

Parking Services

Children Services

Public sector agencies

Local Government

Other Local Authorities  

The Isle of Wight Council is required by law to protect the public funds it administers and may share information provided to it with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds.  We participate in the Cabinet Office’s National Fraud Initiative: a data matching exercise to assist in the prevention and detection of fraud. We are required to provide particular sets of data to the Minister for the Cabinet Office for matching. For more information on Counterfraud and Corruption.

External Organisations

 Mountbatten Isle of Wight

 Blind Society

 NHS Cancer Specialists

 NHS Mobility Clinic

 Bristow & Sutor

 Rundles & Co Ltd

 Call Credit

Registered Social Landlords - we may share details with the relevant Housing Association

Retention period or criteria used to determine the retention period

We will retain your personal information only for as long as it is needed for the purpose for which it was collected.  Further details can be found in the councils Retention Policy. (PDF, 2MB, 24 pages).

Your Legal Rights

Under certain circumstances, you have rights under data protection laws in relation to your personal data. You have the following rights.  Please note not all of these rights apply to all processing.

  • The right to be informed – you have a right to be told how the council use your personal data.

  • The right of access – you have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you.

  • The right to rectification – you have a right to ask us to correct information we hold about you if it is wrong

  • The right to erasure (right to be forgotten) – in certain circumstances you can ask for the data we hold about you to be erased from our records

  • The right to restrict processing – where certain conditions apply you have a right to restrict the processing

  • The right to data portability – you have the right to have the data we hold about you transferred to another organisation

  • The right to object – in certain circumstanced you have the right to object to object to your personal data being used.

  • Rights of automated decision making and profiling – you have the right for any decision made on you which is made by a computer to be reviewed by a human being, and you can object to the Council profiling your behaviours and characteristics.

Some of the rights are complex, and there are circumstances where your rights will not apply, for example the right to erasure will not apply if your personal data is required to comply with a legal obligation.  If is recommended that you read the relevant guidance notes on the ICO’s website for further information.

Queries and Complaints

If you would like further information about this privacy notice or have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, please contact us by email to or in writing to Data Protection Officer, County Hall, High Street, Newport, IW PO30 1UD.

If you remain dissatisfied following an internal complaint, you can lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner at

View the Council’s overarching privacy notice.