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About the Scheme & Membership

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New feature of the Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme

Payment of annual membership fees can only be made online, therefore all  members will need to create an Isle of Wight Council "My Account" and apply to become a Self-Editor. This will allow members to make payments and manage their online details for free. Visit the managing your details web page  to learn more.

The Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme provides consumers with a list of local businesses which have given their commitment to trading fairly. Every business listed has undergone a series of detailed background checks before being approved as a member of the scheme.

To view the list of the current members on the Isle of Wight.

Using the Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme

The businesses listed on the Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme will vary in size, expertise, and cost. To make sure the business you have chosen will best match your expectations, it is important to seek several quotes from various traders and to ask questions before going ahead.

Becoming a member of the Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme

Application Fee - £120.00

Annual membership fee:

0-5 employees                  £55 + VAT (£66 Inc. VAT). 

6-20 employees                £85 + VAT (£102 Inc. VAT).

21+ employees                 £215 + VAT (£258 Inc. VAT).


Please note: Any employee working in the home will have to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (Formerly known as CRB). Further information on DBS can be found on the GOV.UK website .

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the Approved Trader Scheme define the minimum standards required of members. Membership of the scheme requires businesses to adhere to the terms and conditions of the Approved Trader Scheme. These minimum standards have been designed to ensure that member businesses are equipped to deliver good customer service, together with the right and proper personal approach by each and every member of staff.

To view the Terms and Conditions  (PDF, 860.15KB, 14 pages).

Entry Vetting Process

In order to become a Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme member, a business needs to apply to join the scheme and  then must pass a set of tailored background checks, there is a non-refundable application fee which pays for the numerous checks that have to be made. Membership of the scheme is not given lightly; amongst the checks, each applicant will have a personal meeting with a Trading Standards Officer. Good references are required from previous customers and applicants must agree to abide by the scheme's code of conduct, which requires them to follow the letter and spirit of the law and the schemes terms and conditions. Criminal records disclosure may also be required in some circumstances. It is also essential that the business does not cold call on customers.

Only if all the scheme requirements are met, will a business be granted membership, and their conduct will continue to be monitored thereafter. We cannot promise that Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme members' work will be perfect every time, but you can expect any problems to be dealt with fairly by the business, and you can turn to Trading Standards for advice in the event of an unresolved issue.

Please Note:

The Isle of Wight Trader Approval Scheme is designed to ensure that member businesses comply with relevant legislation, resolve any consumer complaints in a fair and timely manner and understand their obligations to consumers.