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Frequently Asked Questions for this Service

Question: If my CRB check comes back to me and convictions are found on it, what happens then?

Answer: A balanced judgment will be made having regard to factors such as, the nature of the offence, it’s relevance to the post, position or profession in question, how long ago the offence took place, the person’s age at the time, whether it was an isolated offence or part of a pattern of offending, what is known about the person’s conduct and character before or since.

At the Trading Standards Service's reasonable discretion, it may be possible to agree a course of action which will allow an application or membership to continue. Examples of appropriate action could include, change of duties for the staff member/sub-contractor concerned, a further Disclosure to be carried out periodically, additional supervision arranged, detailed information about the circumstances to be obtained from the Courts or other relevant body.

If there is a perceived risk to customers or to the integrity of the Scheme, the disclosure may be deemed adverse. An adverse disclosure may mean that a application is refused or, if the business is already a member, membership may be terminated or suspended.

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Question: Do I need to provide you with a Basic Disclosure certificate (originally CRB)? If so, how much does this cost?

Answer: If you work in and around people's domestic properties, you and your members of staff will need a Basic Disclosure Certificate (DBS). You will need to apply to Disclosure Scotland for this ( and we will bring application forms with us when we come to visit you and discuss the procedure. The cost for a basic disclosure is £25 per application, payable to Disclosure Scotland.

Sub contractors working on your behalf will be required to have DBS checks, unless they are supervised at all times by the owner and/or an employee of the applicant business, who has had a DBS check.

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Question: How often do Disclosure Barring Checks (DBS) checks have to repeated?

Answer: DBS checks are required only on application to the scheme. Where applicants have a DBS which is less than 12 months old this is accepted, provided the individual signs a declaration that there have been no convictions subsequently or pending. If a DBS check is more than 12 months old a new check will be required.

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Question: If I employ a new member of staff, do they need to have a DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check?

Answer: New employees are required to complete a DBS check (if applicable) within 4 weeks of joining the business and supply the disclosure certificate to the Trading Standards Service without delay. The owner/director is responsible for ensuring this procedure is completed and to inform the Trading Standards Service.

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Question: What else will the Trading Standards Service do for me if I become a member of the Trader Approval Scheme?

Answer: We will provide advice on specific enquiries about Trading Standards legislation and will provide updates on changes in the law as appropriate.

An e-mail address and a telephone contact will be provided for members' queries about the Scheme or about Trading Standards/consumer protection legislation in general. Responses will be made within five working days. Queries will be allocated to a named contact officer who will be able to offer further advice and assistance on any Trading Standards related matters and when required this advice can be confirmed in writing.

Assistance with staff training will be given as appropriate and where resources permit. A charge may be made for such training, but this will be agreed in advance.

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Question: What will the benefits be to my business if I become a member?

Answer: The Trading Standards Service will maintain a publicly available website which will contain information about the Scheme, access to standard documentation and will also allow viewers to search for member businesses by trade sector. Listings will include your business address and contact information.

The Trading Standards Service will do the following.

Make available upon request a list of member businesses.

Provide you with a membership certificate for display in your premises.

Provide you with van stickers advertising your membership of the Scheme.

Provide you with an electronic version of the Trader Approval Scheme logo for use in your own advertising and promotional material.

Produce leaflets promoting the Scheme which will be used for display at events and in public buildings.

Promote the Scheme at relevant events and presentations given and attended by the Trading Standards Service and in appropriate written and broadcast media.

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Question: What should I do if I have a problem with a trader who is a member of the Trader Approval Scheme?

Answer: In the first instance report the issue to Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on Freephone 0808 223 1133. If the advisor is made aware that the trader is a member of our scheme your complaint will be referred to us and we will contact you to discuss further and try to resolve the issue swiftly and efficiently - Related Link

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Question: I'm a trader and need advice/information from the Trading Standards Service?

Answer: Business Advice for traders can be found via the Business Companion which is an online resource - see the related link. If you cannot find the answer to your query please contact the Trading Standards Service via email - we will aim to respond to your query within 5 working days - Related Link

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