Local Council Tax Support - Entitlement

Changes I Need to Report

Reporting a Change of Address

If you are currently receiving Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support and are changing address, the benefits office will need to be informed.  To complete the change of address form for your new address. You will also need to supply your signed tenancy agreement if you are liable to pay rent for your new address.

If you are not in receipt of Housing Benefit and/or Local Council Tax Support and wish to apply for this at your new address, you will need to complete and submit the online application form .

Reporting a Change in Circumstance

If you are currently in receipt of Housing Benefit and/or Local Council Tax Support and you or anyone else living with you circumstances change, you must tell the council’s Benefit Section immediately as it may affect your entitlement.

To report a change in circumstance, please click here to complete the online form.

You may need to provide documentary evidence of the change, you will be advised of this if required.

If you are not already in receipt of Local Council Tax Support, but your new circumstances may mean you could be now entitled, you will need to make a new claim for Local Council Tax Support. You can apply for this by clicking hereYou can also contact the council’s Benefit Department by emailing us at housing.benefit@iow.gov.uk (include your claim number if known).

For important information on changes you need to report, please click here.

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