Public Health - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery

Covid-secure Businesses

The information on this web page provides, guidance, advice and toolkits to enable Island businesses to work with us to ensure that the Isle of Wight is covid-secure.

Key information on Covid-19 safe working, business closures and opening and other regulatory requirements

Please access the relevant information via the links below.


  • Licensing (including ensuring licences held by businesses are renewed);

  • Environmental Health (including Covid-19 safe working, business closures and opening and other regulatory requirements);

  • Trading Standards (for advice on product safety, weights and measures or age-related products for home delivery, other lockdown rules and regulations);

  • Planning Services (including how the government is relaxing some aspects of planning to help businesses).


Cleaning guidance for non-healthcare settings with a suspected or after a case of COVID-19

Public Health England guidance on cleaning in non-healthcare setting, this guidance provides advice for laundry, waste and more for settings where COVID-19 has been present.

Business Assets and Hospitality Tourism/ Visitor Asset Toolkits

View our  Business Asset and Hospitality toolkits . These toolkits have been provided for use by businesses on the Isle of Wight.

The toolkits provide template advisory posters, web copy, frequently asked questions and much more, all assets have been designed to assist businesses in becoming covid secure.

Hospitality or leisure business

If you are a hospitality or leisure business, please see further guidance from Visit IOW - Tourism news and resources and Visit England for advice to make sure your business is ‘good to go’.

Government advice for Businesses

In relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation please follow the latest advice from the government - for employees, employers and businesses. This includes updates on grant funding and the full range of other support, including for the self-employed.


We will continue to keep this page updated with the latest developments and support, to ensure that your business has access to all the information it needs.

The situation is changing all the time and businesses are also advised to check information on the government website for the latest updates.