School Records

Also known as: Educational Record , exam certificates, exam results, exams, GCSE, Individual Pupils Records , Student file

Service Description: A pupil's educational record is made up of their curricular record but also other information about the pupil that may be kept by the school, such as details of behaviour and family background.

The governing body is responsible for a pupil's educational record being made available for their parent/s to see, free of charge, following receipt of the parent's written request. If a parent makes a written request for a copy of the record this must be provided to them, also within 15 school days of that request being received. The governing body can charge a fee for the copy, but if they do this it must not be more than the cost of supply. This guidance may be different if the school is an Academy/College which is not maintained by the Local Authority.

The Local Authority does not keep copies of examinations results/certificates for any students, past or present. Requests for this information must be made directly to the examination board whose exams you sat. There is usually a fee for supplying duplicate certificates. Further information and advice about how to obtain past examination certificates can be found in our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section.