Isle of Wight Council

St Helen's Green - Public Convenience Consultation


As Commons Registration Authority, the Isle of Wight Council is proposing to amend the Commons Register to remove that part of the common land parcel CL20, St Helen’s Green, Ryde, shown edged and coloured red (the Land) on the plan accompanying this proposal (the Plan) (document 1).  The proposal is being made in accordance with paragraph 6 of Schedule 2 to the Commons Act 2006 on the ground that the Land should never have been registered because at the time of the provisional registration of St Helen’s Green as common land, the Land was covered by a building, namely a toilet block, or was within the curtilage of that building and has, since the date of the provisional registration at all times been and remains covered by a building or within the curtilage of that building.

Consultation Opens: Monday 20 August 2018

Consultation Closes: Friday 5 October 2018

How to submit your representations

Please submit your representations ensuring you follow the steps listed below:

  1. You must quote the Application No. STHGPC_001
  2. You must state the name and postal address of the person making them, and the nature of that person’s interest (if any) in any land affected by the application, and may include an e-mail address;
  3. It must be signed by the person making them;
  4. It must state the grounds on which they are made; and
  5. It must be sent to Clive Joynes, Commons Registration Office, County Hall, High Street, Newport, PO30 1UD or they can be submitted via the email provided below, but you must ensure you follow the first 4 steps as set out above.






Photograph of St Helen's Green Public Conveniences

Document 1

Document 2

Document 3

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