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Frequently Asked Questions for this Service

Question: Who is responsible for the maintenance of properties owned by The Isle of Wight Council?

Answer: Property Services arrange for any maintenance work to be carried out on properties owned by the Isle of Wight Council.

Some property related responsibilities have been delegated to the school Governing Body. In the first instance a school property enquiry should be referred to the head teacher who will then deal with the matter appropriately.

When reporting a maintenance enquiry please give as much information as possible e.g. name of building.

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Question: Does the Isle of Wight Council provide an Estates Management Service?

Answer: The Isle of Wight Council provides an Estates Management Service for Council Owned premises only.

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Question: How do I rent an Allotment site?

Answer: Please direct all enquires to Parks and Beaches Section on 823368.

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Question: What land/property/premises does the Isle of Wight Council have available to let?

Answer: Property Services currently have let the following type of premises:
Light Industrial Units
Car Parking Spaces
However, there is limited availability and all enquiries sould be passed on to the Strategic Assets Team on 823266.

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Question: How do I report travellers who are on Council Owned Land?

Answer: Please inform Property Services if you believe that there are travellers on Council owned land on 823290 or

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Question: What are Compulsory Acquisition Orders?

Answer: There may be occasions when The Isle of Wight Council has to acquire land or buildings under Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) powers to fulfil its statutory functions as a Council. In most cases CPO's relate to Highway schemes such as road widening projects. The Isle of Wight Council will only use a CPO as a last resort as we normally try to acquire land or buildings by agreement with the owner.

If you believe that this may affect you, please contact the Strategic asset Management Team on 823266 for advice and information.

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Question: Can you help me find employment land or commercial premises?

Answer: We have an excellent knowledge of the local commercial property market and all the employment sites on the Isle of Wight.

We can introduce you to local commercial agents.

Sites and Inward investment

o The IOW Council works closely with developers and owners in bringing employment and commercial sites to market and attracting companies.
o The IOW Council provides a comprehensive service for potential inward investors. It is also a substantial contributor to the service provided by the LEP for inward investment.

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Question: What projects or initiatives are the Council's Economic Development Team involved in?

Answer: Projects and programmes

~ Assisted area – currently a proportion of the Island has been provisionally designated as an Assisted Area. (Lead – IOW Council)

~ SOREC – an ERDF funded project which is to set up an employers’ organisation for the offshore renewable energy companies in the SE of England. Activities include a grant scheme for SMEs, Innovation and tech transfer, supply chain development and events. While the original ERDF funding has finished, SOREC continues as an organisation, is working closely with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and is a partner in several bids for funding with an Innovation bid currently in negotiation over the funding agreement and should start in the new year. (Lead – IOW Council)

~ PTEC – the council is a partner in the Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre, a state-of-the-art tidal energy generation project

~ Apprentice scheme – support for companies recruiting an apprentice. (Lead – IOW College and work place training providers)

~ The Solent Growth Fund - a grant schemes for smaller to medium sized companies on the Isle of Wight (Lead – Solent LEP, partner – IOW Council)

~ Your Future – annual careers fair aimed at 14-24 year olds. (Partnership event – IOW Council and IOW College)

~ LEADER – replaced by the rural SME fund. (Lead - Natural Enterprise)

~ IOW Lottery, a local business lottery the profits of which support SMEs with low interest loans and mentoring (Lead – IOW Chamber)

~ Visit Wight – tourism DMO (Destination Management Organisation) – marketing organisation for tourism a partnership body involving the Council and various private sector companies, supported by the WIGHT BID scheme where money from a levy on business rates supports marketing activities (Lead - VIOW)

~ Warm Up Wight – a home energy efficiency scheme which offers free insulation and heating improvements and employs local people

~ Smart Grid – the council is part of a large EU consortium looking to test grid balancing technologies and improve the local electricity distribution network

~ Homestead Community Solar – a solar farm at Ningwood, owned by Wight Community Energy, which has invited investment from local residents and businesses

Solent-wide schemes and projects:

The IOW Council is an active partner in the Solent LEP and promotes all the schemes on the Isle of Wight

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