Sustainable Travel on the Isle of Wight

Transforming Travel on the Isle of Wight

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Sustainable Transport Access Fund

In 2017, following a local authority funding competition, the Isle of Wight Council was awarded £1.35m from the Access Fund by the Department for Transport, to fund delivery of the three-year ‘Transforming Travel on the Isle of Wight: Transition to Transformation’ programme.

Transforming Travel

The Isle of Wight Council and its partners are delivering the Transforming Travel programme between April 2017 and March 2020. The programme is delivering a range of initiatives to enable and encourage local residents and visitors to travel around the Island sustainably – by walking, cycling, car sharing and using public transport more.

The 19 projects being delivered are grouped in to three programme themes:

  1. Access to Visitor Experiences

    Targeting visitors travelling for leisure; embedding active travel into visitor experiences and growing the visitor economy.

  2.  Access to Employment, Training & Skills

    Targeting jobseekers and people commuting to work and training; normalising walking and cycling and transforming access to opportunity.

  3. Access to Education & Active Communities

    Targeting pupils and students travelling to education, and local residents; improving the health and wellbeing of young people and families through more active travel.

Monitoring & Evaluation

The funding bid for Transforming Travel outlined ambitious targets for the number of car trips the programme aims to replace with trips by foot, cycle, car share and public transport.

The Smarter Choice Consultancy Ltd. and Lorax Environmental Associates have been commissioned by Isle of Wight Council to independently evaluate the Transforming Travel programme. They have worked with individual projects to advise on best practice in data collection, and are using the data subsequently collected by the projects to assess Transforming Travel’s outcomes. 

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