Using the Library

Renew an Item

A stack of reading books

There are several ways to renew items you have on loan:

  • You can renew your loans online through the library website by clicking here. You will need your library membership number and your PIN. Once you have logged onto the site, click on Current Loans and you can then renew your loans.

  • You can email your local library or Library Headquarters by using the 'Send a message' tab above, and ask for your loans to be renewed. Remember to include your library membership number in the email. To access the contact information for your library library, please click here

  • You can use the self-service kiosks in the libraries. You will need your library card to renew your loans using the kiosk.

  • You can take your books back to the library and ask a member of staff to renew them for you. Or you could just give them your membership card and they will renew everything you have an loan, even if you haven't brought the books with you.

  • You can telephone any public library on the island and they will renew all your books (and other items) for you. To find out the phone number for your local library, please click here. All you will have to do is tell them your library membership number which is printed on your library card.