Ventnor Haven

Ventnor Haven

Ventnor  Harbour

The harbour in the Victorian town of Ventnor is sheltered by the south coast of the island. A winding road leads down from the over-looking town past the famous cascade gardens to the picturesque seafront below.

This fair-weather haven provides the only stopping-off point along the rugged south coast of the Isle of Wight. You will find a harbour-side cafe, coffee shop, boat builders, boat charter, fish landing stage with fishery outlet and complete with a fish and chip shop.

Navigating the harbour entrance is suitable only in certain weather conditions and tides.  However, on a clear calm day it is one of the best runs round from the Solent.There are a number of races which occur south of St Catherine’s Point to the west and Dunnose Point to the east.  Consult almanacs in advance for information on each race depending on the state of the tide. 

The harbour mouth is approached from the east and is lit after sunset by two fixed navigation lights (vertical).  Entry and exit are recommended 2 hours either side of High Water only with draught of less than 50cm.  Stay close to the southerly markers to avoid sandbanks which form on the northern side of the mouth.  Do not attempt to approach in easterly to southerly conditions as swell may occur at the entrance.

To view the Annual Harbour Report click here (616kb 12 pages)

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