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We made significant changes in 2012/2013 to the Isle of Wight Councils website (which launched in April 2013) with the vision to make the website easier to use. These changes to the website have standardised the look of the site and made it easier for service users to find contact details for each council service, important information and online services quickly. The changes to the layout have also provided us with a good footing for future development of the website.

Key changes:

The website has been divided to 4 main sections, content has been simplified to focus on the services the council provides. These are grouped by services for residents, services for businesses and services for visitors. Additionally you can find everything about the Council in the 'Your Council' section.

'Do It Online' is now a key feature across the site. The 'Do It Online' allows easy access to all things you can do online via our website These sections contain the most popular tasks depending on the section you are in.

Consolidated content

On the old council website (pre2013) there was a lot of information, some of it out of date and some of it difficult to find. Where suitable this content has been consolidated to ensure what is on the site now is relevant and up to date. By reducing some of the duplicate or unnecessary content the navigation is simpler and the content is easier to find.

There are always more changes and we are constantly putting more information online and developing the website to ensure we provide the most up to date information needed by our service users.