Electric vehicle charge points

Off-street charge points

There are five Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) located in council car parks.

 Location  Type
 Chapel Street, Newport  Rapid - 50kW*
 Quay Road, Ryde  Standard - 7kW
 Cross Street, Cowes  Standard - 7kW
 Moa Place, Freshwater  Standard - 7kW

 * AC - Type II; DC - Chademo (usually for Asian vehicles) and CCS (usually for European vehicles).

The charge point in St. John’s Road Car Park, Sandown is currently disconnected.

The EVCPs are operated by Engie through their GeniePoint network. Payment can be made through the GeniePoint App (which can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Stores) or an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) card which can be obtained from GeniePoint. Please see either the GeniePoint app or website for details of current tariff, connection fee and overstay charge.

For a limited period, we are allowing free parking in our car parks for vehicles that are using the charging point.

Other public charge points are located around the Island, please see either the National Charge Point Registry or Zap Map for further details.

Standard Chargers

The EVCPs in Ryde, Cowes and Freshwater are 'Standard' chargers. They have an output of approximately 7 kW and are all fitted with Type II sockets. A 'Standard' charging point is also installed at Ventnor Botanic Garden's car park.

Rapid Charger

The EVCP in Newport is a 'Rapid' charger. The rapid charger has an output of 43 kW AC or 50 kW DC and the plugs available are:

  • AC - Type II
  • DC - Chademo (usually for Asian vehicles) and CCS (usually for European vehicles)