Electric vehicle charge points

On-street charge points

We are installing on-street charge points in the following locations:

 Location  Sockets  Output  Parking cost
 Milligan Road, Ryde  2  22kW  Free on-street
 Seaview Road, Cowes  2  22kW  Free on-street
 Wykeham Road, Newport  2  22kW  Free on-street
 Quay Street, Newport  4  22kW  TBC
 Seafield Road, Seaview  2  7kW  Free on-street
 Adelaide Grove, East Cowes  2  22kW  Free on-street
 Victoria Street, Ventnor  2  7kW  Free on-street
 Trinity Road, Ventnor  2  22kW  Free on-street

The cost to use the charge points will be 30p per kilowatt hour (kWh). We aim to have these working by the end of December 2021.

The charge point, Alfen Twin is capable of charging two cars. Some of the charge points are Standard 7kW and some are Fast 22kW. LED lights show whether the charge point is available for use, out of order, or currently charging a vehicle.

How to pay

Your payments for use of the charge point will be made through Mer Connect UK. Charging can be paid for through many ways including App, website or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Card) key. The Mer Connect UK App can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Store.

If the charge point is out of order, it will be fixed within four days.

If the charge point has been vandalised, please report any vandalism to parking.services@iow.gov.uk.

Allocated parking spaces and restrictions

We will only be allocating one dedicated parking space per charge point. This will be reviewed if a second dedicated parking bay is required. If you feel another parking bay is required now, please contact parking.services@iow.gov.uk.

The parking restrictions are that the parking bays will be restricted to ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Only’ at all times. The maximum stay of four hours will apply from 8am until 8pm with a no return period of four hours. A vehicle can stay in the bay from 8pm to 8am, allowing for an overnight charge. Failure to follow these restrictions may lead to a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Parking in an electric vehicle parking bay without charging a vehicle will be deemed a parking contravention and liable for a PCN. Parking in a bay past the time limit will also be liable for a PCN.

If the dedicated parking bay has been ICED (a regular petrol or diesel vehicle that doesn’t need electricity is parking in the space) then please report this to parking.services@iow.gov.uk.

To find other locations to charge an electric vehicle go to the National Chargepoint Registry (NCR) or Zap Map.

To make a request for a charge point on your street, please contact ecdev@iow.gov.uk.