Case studies

Young man and woman who are apprentices

Below are some quotes from Isle of Wight Council employees, that have undertaken apprenticeships, about their experiences:

“I started as an apprentice on 27/10/2015 at 9:00 on a sunny Tuesday morning, eager and ready for the opportunity of working in a new environment with new people. I originally started as a Payments Team Apprentice in the Creditors Team helping the council make payment of all the invoices we receive for good and services that we procure. I learned a lot in this role, such as office etiquette and how to best work in a team. These qualities I have found invaluable and I believe they will hold me in good stead for my future career. The role of an apprentice is ideal as there is not too much expectation on yourself but at the same time you still get given the responsibility for minor tasks that contribute to the wider picture.

Also alongside work you have the chance to gain a qualification and you can use your day to day work as evidence for this. The job and qualification should work in tandem helping each other, as you gain knowledge for the qualification you become better at the job and vice-versa. This qualification is a very useful tool and can be seen as quite import to any prospecting employers.

I found myself in a very good position while completing my apprenticeship. After 4 Months in the job of an apprentice I managed to gain a promotion in the team as an assistant which is a permanent position within the team. After this I have been very fortunate again to receive another promotion to the position of Officer after 2 years in my previous position and this has allowed me to begin the next level of qualification – Business Administration Level 3.

I have now been working for the Council for nearly 3 years as after staring off an as apprentice I would not look back.”

Charles Little, Creditors Officer, Creditor Payments Team


“I'm really pleased I chose to go down the path of an apprenticeship in December 2015, I received various training and skills throughout my apprenticeship which allowed me to progress in my role giving me the opportunity to obtain a full time job in my team as an Administration Assistant in August 2016 and since then an opportunity to become a Payments Officer in March 2017.

I have been lucky enough to be cross trained throughout different teams in the payments section of the Isle of Wight Council which has furthered my knowledge enabling me to have a wider variation of job opportunities for the future. I have completed my Level 2 NVQ in Business Administration and am now studying my Level 3, I hope to keep progressing in the authority.

I would strongly advise looking into apprenticeships for anyone looking to further their education.”

Saffron Paine, Payments Officer, Ordering & Invoicing Team


"I got support from Choices (now Island Futures) when I was looking for an apprenticeship, and had my own Adviser. It just so happened that a Business Admin apprenticeship came up in that team, which was exactly what I was looking for. So I applied, got the job and started in April 2014.

The staff were really supportive and so were the training provider. The training provider came and visited me in my workplace, set me work and carried out observations. My training consultant was always at the end of the phone or email. I got lots of experience in minuting meetings, diary management, using different Microsoft packages and meeting and greeting visitors etc.

Choices were moved to County Hall in September 2014, where I got to know a lot more people from different departments in the council. I built professional relationships with people (within the council and in schools etc), which has helped me in my job today. I felt that my confidence grew throughout my apprenticeship when it came to answering the telephone and greeting visitors. When I was close to finishing my apprenticeship in July 2015, a Business Administrator job came up in the team that were based next to Choices on Floor 4; Schools and Learning. I applied for the job and was successful, and have been here ever since. I got a promotion at the end of last year and took on some extra data work.

I felt very supported by all of the Choices team and my manager, who would sit in on my HTP meetings and would help if I was stuck with anything. I felt part of a team and learnt a lot from my colleagues. They funded my bus travel, which was really good as the apprenticeship wage is quite low. However, this didn’t put me off as I was getting a qualification, a ‘foot in the door’ and experience at the same time."

Charlotte Heard, Business Services Officer, Schools and Learning


“I felt that my ‘journey’ was very rewarding. It was a challenge for me but I feel like it was manageable and gave me a good routine and sense of accomplishment. This was a good ‘launching point’ for me to then get a job and continue in my career.

I felt like I had learnt a lot and had managed to understand the professional outlook and attitude I should have at work to get the work done on time. I really pushed myself to achieve this and am proud of what I had done.”

Administration Support Assistant, Adult Social Care & Community Well-being


“My Journey was hard but very rewarding! I was an older candidate than most but my background of pervious employment in catering was very different to the one I started with the Local Planning Authority, the whole process was made so much easier by the fact that I had full support and guidance from my team and the Principal’s in the office. I was always made time for and whenever I needed help or guidance it was given.

I would fully recommend anyone to undertake an apprenticeship and a career with the Local Planning Authority.”

Zara Mckie, Planning Technician, Planning and Housing Services