Human Resources

Council Vehicle Drivers Authorisation (CVDA) Permit

In order to meet legislation regarding insurance cover, it is the Isle of Wight Council’s responsibility to ensure that individuals driving council vehicles are qualified and entitled to do so.  It is therefore a requirement to obtain a Council Vehicle Drivers Authorisation (CVDA) permit prior to driving a council owned, operated or insured vehicle.  Anyone who fails to acquire a current CVDA could invalidate their insurance cover.

Applicants can complete their own application online by clicking here, which once submitted will automatically be sent to the HR Operations Service to be processed. Further guidance on applying for a CVDA permit can be found on the below links.

If you have a current CVDA permit, please notify the HR Operations Service immediately of any changes to your driver’s license (e.g. expiry/renewal, penalty points, fines, endorsements or disqualifications) by completing the online change of circumstance form, to view the form, please click here.

Minibus Training (MiDAS)

MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) is a national scheme developed by Hampshire County Council to enhance driving standards and promote greater minibus safety. MiDAS training will be available through the Isle of Wight Council’s Learning and Development service, which can be found here.

If a driver already holds a valid MiDAS certificate, please submit a scanned copy to