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Information about the UK's departure from the European Union

The United Kingdom (UK) is leaving the European Union (EU). Leaving the EU means a number of changes that will affect businesses and individual citizens. Use the government's EU Exit guidance website to find out how to prepare and the steps you may need to take. 

Brexit advice for non-UK European Union citizens

If you are a non-UK European Union citizen, you and your family will be able to apply to continue living in the UK through the EU Settlement Scheme. If your application is successful, you'll get either settled or pre-settled status (depending on how long you have been living in the UK).

You may be able to stay in the UK without applying - for example, if you're an Irish citizen or have indefinite leave to remain (ILR). The UK has also reached an agreement with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and a separate agreement with Switzerland.

The EU Settlement Scheme will open fully by 30 March 2019. The Home Office will keep sharing the latest developments concerning the scheme and will provide detailed information on how to apply once the scheme is fully live.

The deadline for applications will be 30 June 2021 - or alternatively the earlier date of 31 December 2020 should the UK leave the EU without a deal.

You can find out more and sign up for updates on the scheme  here

More information is also available on the Government's EU citizens' rights website here  

Although there has been a fee charged for some applications before 30 March, there will be no fee when the scheme opens fully on 30 March 2019. Anyone who has applied already, or who applies and pays a fee during the test phases, will have their fee refunded. Applicants should make payment using the card they want to be refunded on. The government will publish details of the refunds process soon.

Advice for businesses/employers who employ non-UK European Union citizens

The Government has published an employer toolkit to give employers information to support EU citizens and their families to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. You can use an Employer Toolkit to explain the scheme to your employees and download the ready-to-use leaflets and posters.

You can access the employer toolkit here 

A ‘No deal’ Brexit: The Government has also released a series of guidance notices with advice on how to prepare should the UK and EU not reach a Withdrawal Agreement.

You can access the guidance notes here

More information about the UK's departure from the European Union can be found on GOV.UK on this link