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The JSNA work programme was temporarily placed on hold due to additional COVID-19 work but restarted in January 2022. A number of data reports and products are now available. The Isle of Wight Council's web development programme is ongoing. In the interim, this page will act as a place holder to provide the JSNA resources.

The Isle of Wight Public Health Intelligence Team works jointly with the Hampshire team. This means some of the data resources will be available via the Hampshire County Council JSNA landing page,

The JSNA is structured on the ONS Health Index domains. It provides a resource with a written high-level summary and PowerBI data report . Which enables data to be analysed at smaller geographies, where data is available, such as GP, PCN, MSOA and LSOA.

Below is a summary of the work programme and resources available:

Completed reports

All data for each chapter (except Inclusion Health Groups) can be accessed in the PowerBI data report. To search for a topic to see which report it's in, please use the A-Z Glossary linked in the top right corner of this data report. 

COVID-19 Health Impact Assessment. This is a retrospective view of the first two waves of the pandemic. It shows what it has meant to our local population. Reviews national guidance and policy to date and what the potential impacts have been, and will be on our populations. Executive summary, full report and PowerPoint slide set are available on request from the Public Health Intelligence Team at

Mental Wellbeing COVID-19 Vulnerability Index and Business COVID-19 Vulnerability Index. These locally derived indices explore how the indirect impacts of COVID-19 have affected our local communities, wellbeing and businesses. It compiles a range of sources. These were identified through statistics and literature published in the first and second wave of the pandemic in 2020. Please email to request a copy.

JSNA Demography This chapter focuses on the age structure of our population. The future projections, the socio demographic and protected characteristics of our population. Isle of Wight Demography Summary Report 2021

JSNA Vital Statistics This chapter provides births and deaths data and trends analysis. Isle of Wight Vital Statistics Summary Report 2021

JSNA Healthy People This chapter focuses on the health outcomes of our population and the health inequalities which are evident. Isle of Wight Healthy People Summary Report 2021

JSNA Healthy People - Long Term Conditions This chapter aims to understand and quantify how many people in Isle of Wight are affected by certain long term conditions and what the outcomes of these conditions may be. Isle of Wight Healthy People - Long Term Conditions Summary Report 2021

JSNA Healthy Places This chapter focuses on the social and commercial drivers for health. Isle of Wight Healthy Places Summary Report 2021

JSNA Healthy Lives This chapter focuses on risk factors including behavioural risk factors and the wider determinants of health. Isle of Wight Healthy Lives Summary Report 2021

JSNA Inclusion Health Groups  This chapter considers Inclusion health groups across Hampshire and Isle of Wight. Where possible aims to quantify these communities in our population.Where they live, their demographics and describe the potential health outcomes and challenges they may face. HIOW summary report and IOW infographic can be accessed via the HIOW JSNA Inclusion Health Groups page

JSNA Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICS (Integrated Care System) This rapid population health summary analysis focuses on the newly formed Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICS. This has taken the place of the Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Southampton and Portsmouth CCGs. Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICS JSNA April 2022

JSNA ONS Health Index/GBD This dashboard contains two different data sources. The first is the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Health Index. The second is the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) ONS Health Index/GBD dashboard

The First 1,001 days The first 1,001 days, that is from conception to the age of two, is a period of uniquely rapid growth, when babies' brains, their sense of self, and their understanding of the world are shaped by their experiences and environments. A child's physical, social, and cognitive development during the early years strongly influences their school readiness and educational attainment, economic participation and health for the rest of their lives. Ipsos MORI explain "Science tells us that a child's experiences from conception through their first five years will go on to shape their next 50" (Source: The Best Start in Life: A Vision for the 1,001 Critical Days, HM Government) First 1,001 days infographic 

Census data

The first Isle of Wight Census data release summary: IW. More data releases are due later in the year.


Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2019 (IMD2019) Interactive deprivation data tool (website)


Access postcode level deprivation data (based on the LSOA the postcode is in) on the GOV.UK website 

The original government data is available on the GOV.UK website

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Assessing the need for pharmaceutical services across the Isle of Wight

Since April 2013 every Health and Wellbeing Board in England has a legal responsibility to publish and keep up to date a statement of the needs for pharmaceutical services of the population in its area, referred to as a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA). The PNA looks at the existing provision of community pharmacy services across the Isle of Wight and whether this meets the current and future needs of the population. It can be used to make decisions in the commissioning of NHS-funded Pharmaceutical Services.

The statutory consultation process for the Isle of Wight Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment, which took place during Autumn/Winter 2021/22, has now been completed and the final report approved by the Health & Wellbeing Board.

Isle of Wight Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022-25

Isle of Wight Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022-25 - Supplement 1 - May 2022

Isle of Wight Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022-25 - Consultation headline findings

Details of pharmacy services on the Isle of Wight

For details of your local pharmacy, opening hours and services provided, visit NHS Choices

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment - Supplementary Statements

Since 5th December 2016, the Health and Wellbeing Board has a statutory duty to make a representation to NHSE on consolidation applications of community pharmacies in its area (i.e., where pharmacy businesses on two or more sites propose to consolidate to a single existing site). The Health and Wellbeing Board must respond within 45 days. NHS England collate all responses from interested parties and then makes the final decision on the consolidation application.

This summary spreadsheet presents the consolidation applications, closures and changes on the Isle of Wight area since the publication of the latest PNA.

Isle of Wight Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment Health & Wellbeing Board supplementary statements 2022-23