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Census 2011

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The 2011 Census forms that were completed in March 2011 are currently providing information that is being used to produce population estimates for the country as whole as well as all geographical regions and all local authority areas.

The information taken from the Census can help local authorities to understand the needs of different people and groups in their communities. This in turn will give a clear idea of the kind of services in areas such as housing, schools, transport and healthcare, needing to be considered about over the next ten years, and importantly help to make sure the appropriate central government funding to plan those services is obtained.

Further data and information about the 2011 Census is available from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) - 2011 Census homepage.

Census Atlas 2011

The following documents have been produced by the Isle of Wight Council Public Health Information Team to provide a statistical snapshot of the Isle of Wight, as revealed by the 2011 Census.

A selection of Census data has been chosen to give a topical impression of the Island, to show how it compares with the country as a whole, and to illustrate how population, housing and employment characteristics vary considerably between areas.

Planning for land use, employment creation and social development requires an understanding and knowledge of basic facts about the population and its environment.

These documents are a small step towards explaining the complexities and intricacies of the mass of statistics available about the Island. It is hoped that it may convince some people that statistics really can be fun, as well as useful.

To provide a complete picture, certain other statistical sources have been used. Where data used is not from the 2011 Census, this is clearly indicated.

All Isle of Wight maps published in these documents are copyright © Crown copyright and database rights 2016 Ordnance Survey 100019229.

Section 1 - Introduction (PDF, 580KB, 5 pages)

Section 2 - Population, Ethnicity and Religion (PDF, 2.14MB, 17 pages)

Section 3 - Housing (PDF, 1.35MB, 6 pages)

Section 4 - Communal Establishments (PDF, 286KB, 3 pages)

Section 5 - Employment (PDF, 1.49MB, 9 pages)

Section 6 - Transport (PDF, 880KB, 3 pages)

Section 7 - Education (PDF, 454KB, 3 pages)

Section 8 - Health (PDF, 635KB, 5 pages)

Section 9 - Agriculture (PDF, 329KB, 7 pages)

Section 10 - Ward Data Tables (PDF, 344KB, 26 pages)

2011 Census: Proportion of returns completed online

In addition to the table in the Census atlas showing the proportion of Census returns that were completed online on the Isle of Wight, we have also produced maps showing the data by ward  (PDF, 190.07KB, 1 page) and  LSOA (PDF, 190KB, 1 page)