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JSNA - Demographics and population


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Information on the demography of an area such as the age structure, gender and ethnicity profile of its population is essential in better understanding an area, its needs and assets, and is vital in the delivery of services like education, transport, and healthcare.

Understanding trends and nuances around sparsely and densely populated areas helps us to better understand the current situation and can help to inform future requirements.

This section brings together information on population, household composition and trends which can be used to inform the delivery of services across the Isle of Wight both by the Council and other local organisations.


Demographics and Population report 2018/19

(Published February 2020) (External website link)

This Power BI report offers an insight into the population of the Isle of Wight, including the geography of the Island, latest population estimates (including age bands and gender split), ethnicity, religion or belief, migration, population trends, and population projections.