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Diabetes factsheet March 2014 (PDF, 401KB, 3 pages). This factsheet looks at diabetes on the Island.

Public Health England (PHE) interactive analysis tool PHE Diabetes Profile   is aimed at supporting commissioning decisions

Antimicrobial Resistance factsheet June 2017 (PDF, 382KB, 4 pages). This factsheets covers the emerging issue of antimicrobial resistance.

Cancer factsheet June 2015 (PDF, 570KB, 5 pages). This factsheet covers the four most common forms of cancer; breast, lung, colorectal and prostate.

More information is available on the Public Health Cancer Intelligence Network website.

Learning Disabilities factsheet October 2017 (PDF, 785KB, 5 pages). This factsheet looks at the key information about learning disability need on the Isle of Wight.

Public Health England interactive analysis tool PHE Learning Disabilities Profile is aimed at supporting commissioning decisions.

Suicide factsheet January 2020 (PDF, 602KB, 5 pages). This factsheet highlights key information about suicide and self harm.

Mental Health factsheet February 2017 (PDF, 876KB, 5 pages). This factsheet highlights key information about mental health, dementia and depression.

Public Health England interactive analysis tool PHE Mental Health Profile is aimed at supporting commissioning decisions.

NHS digital Mental Health data set  - clinical activity data on mental health 

Public Health England have produced a series of infographics about mental health and work in England - these can be viewed online here Mental Health and work (England data) website (published 13 September 2016).

Oral Health Briefing Paper November 2017 (PDF, 1.26MB, 18 pages). This briefing paper looks in detail into the risk factors, prevention and cost of oral health, both in children and adults.

Isle of Wight Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018-2021  (PDF, 1.78MB, 63 pages)

Isle of Wight Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018-2021 Equality Impact Assessment (PDF, 259KB, 11 pages)