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Grant Funding Programmes

Grant Making at the Isle of Wight Council

Welcome to our web pages on grant-making. On this page, you will find a library of key documents and tools, together with information about how the council makes grants.

If you would like any further information or would like to express your views to the public or third sector partners in this approach, please contact us using the details found in the contact tab above, you can email us by using the ‘Send a message to this service’ feature.

A glossary of terms commonly used as part of the grant-making process is available by clicking here. (PDF, 23KB, 2 pages).

Policy Documents and Guides

The Island Strategic Partnership's (ISP) Strategy for Ensuring the Environment for a Thriving Third Sector (April 2009) (PDF, 554KB, 17 pages).

The Isle of Wight Local Compact 2005). (PDF, 232KB, 20 Pages)

Sustainable Commissioning Protocols, Ensuring Effective Arrangements for Third Sector Procurement. (A working draft, Oct 2009)  (PDF, 223KB, 15 pages).

A Pilot Decision Making Tool for Commissioners (Sept 2009); When to commission from the third sector  (PDF, 211KB, 19 pages).

Pilot Guidance for Commissioners on Intelligent Monitoring of Third Sector Performance (Sept 2009) (PDF, 94KB, 8 pages).

Isle of Wight Community Asset Transfer process. A 'How to' Guide for applicants. (Feb 2010) (PDF, 237KB, 20 pages).

Guide to The Council's Partnership Standards - A Guide for Council Managers setting up or managing partnerships with other public or third sector organisations (Updated September 2010). (PDF, 223KB 19 pages)

Audit Commission Notable Case Study - Birmingham - 2008 (PDF, 243KB, 17 pages).

NCVO Public Service Delivery Case Study - Birmingham - 2008 (PDF, 588KB, 8 pages).


Presentations (periodically updated)

If asked for a password, open as ('read-only')

Presentation to a voluntary sector infrastructure organisation (Sept 2011) (PDF, 472KB, 11 pages).


Commissioning Prospectuses and past examples

For current Prospectuses and samples of past Prospectuses, click here to visit the Prospectus homepage

The Small Print - A Guide to making a Prospectus-based application for a grant

Click here for 'The Small Print' (PDF, 152KB, 6 pages). This guide should be read in conjunction with any prospectus or resource published by Isle of Wight council or the NHS on the Island after August 2010.

For prospectuses published by Community Action IW, there is a special version of the 'Small Print' document.  Click here to download a copy of this special Small Print Guide (PDF). (PDF, 156KB, 6 pages)

Application Forms for bids for grant funding (Check your Prospectus to see which application form to use)

Please Note: Application forms are Microsoft Word Documents, and are supplied on request by the commissioner named in the Prospectus that you would like to apply to. The forms can be completed on a computer, or handwritten, please make it clear to the commissioner how you would prefer to apply.

These .pdf samples below are provided to give an impression of the application process. The form supplied to you by a commissioner may be slightly different as they may vary according to the value and significance of the grants being made. All applicants will be asked to complete the same application form

Sample Isle of Wight Small Grant application form (June 2011) (PDF, 179KB, 8 pages).

Sample Isle of Wight Standard Grant application form (June 2011)  (PDF, 382KB, 16 pages).

Appraisal Process Tools and Documents

Isle of Wight - Terms of Reference and Process for Appraisal Panels  Sept 2010 (PDF, 21KB, 2 pages).

Isle of Wight - Code of conduct and declaration for appraisal panel members Sept 2010 (PDF, 25KB, 4 pages).

Isle of Wight - Appraisal Form for Small Grant Applications (updated as required) (PDF, 109KB, 7 pages).

Isle of Wight - Appraisal Form for Standard Grant Applications (updated as required) (PDF, 98KB, 6 pages).

Isle of Wight - Equalities Impact assessment of Prospectus (updated as required) (PDF, 105KB, 9 pages).

Funding Agreements

The funding agreement used by Isle of Wight Council is designed to be simple but clear in the expectations of the commissioner and the organisation recieving the grant. The Funding Agreement has been continuously developed.

The sample provided here is an early version, a composite that brings together a number of agreements to illustrate how it has been used. This has been produced with the consent of the parties concerned.

Isle of Wight - Sample anonymised composite Grant Funding Agreement (PDF, 50KB, 7 pages).

The Prospectus grant-making scheme has proved to be an opportunity to develop a sustainable approach to commissioning and partnership that works for all communities and interests. The Isle of Wight experience of using Prospectuses is now contributing to the development of all commissioning activity within the council. 

If you have any views, observations or questions about our grant-funding arrangements or any of the related tools and documents, please contact us using the details found in the contact tab above, you can email us by using the ‘Send a message to this service’ feature.