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Current Prospectuses

Adult and Community Learning grant programme 2022/2023

Our Adult Community Learning service has published a new grant funding prospectus for 2022/23.

Bids are invited for funding of up to £30,000 from:

  • voluntary organisations
  • community organisations
  • enterprises

The funding will be used to deliver services to widen access for adult learning opportunities. The aims should provide opportunities that have an accessible curriculum. It must engage adults in learning. The particular focus should be on people who have benefited least from the formal education system.

The outcomes that we will be seeking in return for grant funding include:

  • Outcome 1: Help people who are disadvantaged and least likely to take part in learning.
  • Outcome 2: Improve the gaining of skills. These skills must prepare people for further education, training or employment. This may include achievement of qualifications.
  • Outcome 3: Developing stronger communities by promoting:
    • cultural diversity
    • equality of opportunity
    • volunteering
    • involvement in local decision making
  • Outcome 4: A range of universal and targeted family learning courses. Supporting an early intervention and prevention model. The courses need to develop resilience within families.
  • Outcome 5: Develop innovative programmes to support Multiply, a Government funded numeracy project.  Multiply will help adults understand and use maths in daily life, at home and in work

The grant funding prospectus provides more information about our expectations.

Rob Brindley in the Adult Community Learning Service is the commissioner for this grant-making process. He can be contacted by:

When you have read through the grant making prospectus, please call Rob to discuss your idea. He will supply you with an application form.

The deadline for completed applications is 3pm, Friday 1 July 2022.