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About us

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The Isle of Wight Council is located on the Isle of Wight near the south coast of England. The council is responsible for virtually all local government activities on the Island.

The Isle of Wight Council was created in 1995 as a unitary or all-purpose authority, covering the Isle of Wight. It replaced the former Isle of Wight County Council and the two borough councils of Medina and South Wight.

It is made up of 40 councillors. The Isle of Wight Council is made up of 39 areas, which are known as wards, 38 return a single representative to the council, and one (Brading, St Helens and Bembridge) returns two representatives. Those elected are often known as members or councillors.

Our Island, our vision

“Is for the Isle of Wight to be an inspiring place in which to grow up, work, live and visit.”

Isle of Wight Council Corporate Plan

Please view our Corporate Plan 2017 to 2020  to discover how we intend to achieve our vision for the Island over the next ten years.  We will be focusing on growth, regeneration, opportunity, wellbeing and have set 12 outcomes to realise this vision.

Isle of Wight Council Annual report 2017-18

Please view our Annual report 2017-18  to discover a summary of the council’s activity during the past year (April 2017 to March 2018) and learn how we are working together to provide a financially balanced and sustainable council on behalf of the Isle of Wight community.