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View the weekly press list (PDF)

The Council publicises planning applications within the local newspaper (the Isle of Wight County Press), this press-list is produced weekly and can be viewed as a PDF document here.

For planning applications submitted from 1 April 2019

Please use the link above to access planning applications with the new style reference number, for example, 19/*****/XXX

Planning applications that were submitted before 1 April 2019 which are within their consultation period.

These applications will have the following style of reference number P/*****/19 (or the equivalent year)

You can search and view ALL applications submitted before 1 April 2019

These applications will have the following style of reference number, for example, P/*****/19 (or the equivalent year)

Search all applications made between February 2004 and April 2019 all their case documents in full.

Useful Links

Guidance on commenting on an application

View Historic Planning References Maps - applications before 2000

The Historic Planning Reference maps contain information relating to historic planning permissions that, due to their age, are not currently digitised and available within the Application Search function. The information shown on the maps covers the period 1947-2000.

Help with creating an account for the Public Access planning website

If you are a member of the public: Find out how to set up your account and use the system here

If you are a 'consultee': you can find out more information in the consultee user guide here

Planning Department - More information and contacting the service

View more information, FAQs and contact details for the Planning Department

If you cannot find the information here online you are looking for, or need help regarding making, viewing or commenting on a planning application, more information and contact details for the Planning department can be found here.